Responsible consumption takes over the Christmas party

Concerned about the environment, concerned about the origin of products … French consumers are increasingly attentive to the responsible side of their purchases. A fundamental trend that even changes habits during the Christmas party.


At the foot of the tree, the gifts accumulate. On the New Year’s Eve table, the dishes pile up… Conviviality and abundance are generally the keywords associated with Christmas. And yet this holiday often synonymous with shopping spree does not escape the underlying trend of more responsible consumption. Christmas remains an important time of consumption but the average budget of the French would drop slightly this year, according to the annual CSA Research study for Cofidis: it would thus amount to 549 euros, against 571 euros last year. Another Toluna study for SFAM also indicates that 53% of respondents plan to spend less than a year ago for Christmas. The fact remains that the French want to please their loved ones on this occasion. The share of the budget devoted to gifts would also remain on the rise, at 355 euros, according to the CSA Research study for Cofidis.

Second hand

Tight budget or environmental concern? At a time when the bill on the circular economy is being debated in parliament, the French are more and more inclined to offer second-hand gifts. And even during the Christmas party. Thus 52% of respondents in the SFAM study say they are ready to offer refurbished high tech products. It must be said that refurbished smartphones are now well established. An option that could be emulated since the smartphone is precisely the most anticipated high tech product at Christmas. Beyond reconditioned products, giving away a second-hand product is no longer a taboo: 54% of French people would be ready to do so according to a Kantar study for eBay. And the trend is particularly marked among young people: 68% of 25-34 year olds consider it.