Pernod Ricard relies on local microdistilleries

The French giant relies on local, high-end and trendy microdistilleries, which it is rapidly developing. A qualitative and profitable lever.

Alexander Stein, creator of the Monkey 47 gin, at his Lossburg distillery in Germany, acquired in 2016 by Pernod Ricard.  This marketing expert has created a high-end and retro product that is popular in trendy bars in capital cities.

It looks like a small German farm like so many others in the village of Lossburg, in the Black Forest. Three tall houses topped with slate with smoking chimneys frame a neat courtyard. Below, a vegetable garden overflows with aromatic herbs that attract bees. A real postcard landscape. Apart from the wrought iron entrance gate which presents the incongruous shape of a macaque, the brand’s favorite animal, nothing allows us to guess that this quiet place is home to the distillery where the Monkey 47 gin is made, which is all the rage in trendy bars in London, Berlin, New York and Paris. A global phenomenon!