Black Friday: who are the e-commerce players most dependent on Google?

EXCLUSIVE – The communication group Heroiks publishes on the occasion of Black Friday a study on the dependence on search engines (Google in the lead) of thirty key players of this promotional weekend. Who are the most and least dependent on search engines?

Black Friday

Since the start of the week for some brands, from Friday until Monday for the vast majority: Black Friday weekend is synonymous with promotions and good deals for consumers. It is up to the brands to compete with inventions and good plans to attract them to them. And even more in the field of the Web. It will therefore (also) be necessary to count with Google. And for some, more than for others. Because websites are more or less dependent on search engines. On the occasion of Black Friday, the independent communication group Heroiks therefore calculated – as it had done a few weeks ago for press sites – the index of dependence on search engines of actors who communicate the more on the occasion of Black Friday. That is to say about thirty websites scrutinized. And the results are extremely varied.