Jean-Marc Pambet: Salomon wants to become “the world leader in outdoor sports”

INTERVIEW – Jean-Marc Pambet has been the CEO of Salomon for a decade. As he prepares to hand over the orders, he takes stock of this legendary brand, now the owner of a Sino-Canadian conglomerate, which has taken the right turns.

Jean-Marc Pambet

Challenges – You will be leaving the presidency of Salomon in December after 10 years at the helm of the company and 34 years in the group: what have been the major changes during these three decades?

Jean-Marc Pambet – We carried out the plan written by Georges Salomon, its founder, in 1990 with two main axes: to make the group the world leader in winter sports equipment, which it is today, and to expand our playground to outdoor, especially with textiles and shoes. This activity now represents 70% of our sales of 831 million euros in 2018. We therefore succeeded in this transition well before others such as Rossignol, our twin at the time, which made less than 400 million euros. in turnover today.