Vaccination: “no more time to wait”, according to the Academy of Medicine

The government assures that the target of 15 to 20 million people vaccinated against Covid-19 by mid-2021 will be met. But the Academy of Medicine, like the opposition, points to a much too slow start.

Covid-19 vaccine

The goal of 15 to 20 million French people vaccinated at the end of the first half of the year will be met, assured LREM deputy Roland Lescure on Thursday, while scientists and elected officials from all sides criticize the slowness of the deployment of the vaccine campaign. In unison with the government, the deputy of the majority assumed on France 2 this launch which is done “slowly”: it allows according to him to “ensure that the logistics chain is well established” and to “reassure everyone ”On the safety of vaccines, while mistrust is particularly strong in France.

“What should not be missed is the rise in power. We entered a marathon: we do not judge the quality of a marathon after 1 km of running. From next week we will accelerate, at the end of January beginning of February, hundreds of thousands of French people will be vaccinated ”, assured Roland Lescure, also chairman of the Economic Affairs Committee of the National Assembly. “The objective of 15 to 20 million French people vaccinated in the first half of the year is not only tenable but we will keep it.”

One million people at risk vaccinated at the end of February

Government spokesman Gabriel Attal assured Wednesday that the goal of vaccinating a million people at risk by the end of February “will be held”, and Professor Alain Fischer, the “vaccine man” appointed by the government, called the critics a “false quarrel” by inviting people to plan “in a few weeks” to judge progress.

“We have not taken any delay” compared to the planned plan and the campaign will “accelerate”, insisted the Secretary of State for European Affairs Clément Beaune Thursday on LCI, ensuring that “there is no shortage of doses ”: France has“ received the same number in proportion to the population as Germany so there is no dropout ”.

Critics of the opposition in the face of too slow vaccination

In recent days, criticism has been leveled against the government when Germany has already vaccinated 78,000 people, Italy 8,300 and France less than 200. LR deputy chairman Damien Abad and LR deputy Eric Ciotti demanded on Wednesday l hearing in “emergency” of the Minister of Health Olivier Véran on the strategy of vaccination of France which is in their eyes “figure of donkey’s cap” in Europe.

On the left, Valérie Rabault, president of the PS group in the National Assembly, demanded in an interview with L’Obs on Wednesday that the government publishes “in the daily health point the number of vaccinations carried out by department”, an “essential transparency” . It also calls for getting vaccinated “more caregivers more quickly”, and to put in place a communication strategy giving a “positive vision” of vaccination.

Excessive precautions according to the Academy of Medicine

“There is no longer time to wait”: the National Academy of Medicine regretted Thursday the “very slow” start of the vaccination campaign against Covid-19, deeming the precautions taken “excessive”. The Academy notes a “progressive” implementation of the campaign which began on Sunday in nursing homes, due to the process of obtaining consent, the search for possible contraindications in a fragile population and the patient’s maintenance. observation 15 minutes after injection.

“This extreme caution is assumed by the health authorities who rule out the possibility of simplifying these procedures during the preliminary phase. It is sanctioned by a very slow start of the program ”, she adds in a press release, estimating“ the first assessment (100 people vaccinated in 3 days) difficult to defend ”in comparison with other European countries. “Adopted to reassure a public opinion won by hesitation, these excessive precautions risk arousing a contrario a growing incomprehension vis-à-vis a campaign whose kick-off seems to lack determination. France deplores more than 64,000 deaths from Covid-19, including nearly a third in the high-risk population who must be vaccinated over the next eight weeks. Faced with this observation, the national immunization campaign must be exemplary in a country which has contributed so much to the elimination of infectious diseases through vaccination ”.

The Academy thus recommends “to simplify and shorten as much as possible the vaccination procedures in nursing homes”. She also pleads for the first phase of vaccination to be deployed “as a priority” in the most affected departments and for the “transparency” of the state of vaccine stocks so that “the implementation of the vaccine strategy does not appear. not dictated by the vagaries of delivery ”.

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