Coronavirus: update on the pandemic

New measures, new reports and highlights: an update on the latest developments in the Covid-19 pandemic around the world.


New measures, new reports and highlights: an update on the latest developments in the Covid-19 pandemic around the world.

– China: conviction of a “citizen journalist” –

Zhang Zhan, a “citizen journalist” who had covered the epidemic in Wuhan, was sentenced Monday to four years in prison in China. From February, she had broadcast on social networks reports, in particular on the chaotic situation of hospitals, before being arrested in May for “provoking unrest”.

Ms. Zhang’s trial took place as the Communist regime seeks to make people forget the appearance of the new coronavirus on its soil at the end of 2019. A WHO team is expected in early January to take stock of the origins of the disease. epidemic.

– Trump ratifies the stimulus plan –

After threatening to veto it, Donald Trump ratified on Sunday evening the new $ 900 billion economic stimulus plan granting aid to households and small businesses, hard hit by the epidemic.

The expiration Saturday at midnight of two federal assistance programs for 12 million people who lost their jobs because of the pandemic forced the American president to retreat, less than a month before his departure from the White House.

– France: a defense council on Tuesday –

A health defense council will be organized in France on Tuesday, while several elected officials, especially in the Grand Est, are worried about a rebound in the epidemic. The mayor of Nancy, Mathieu Klein, judged Monday “inevitable” a local re-containment. The mayor of Reims Arnaud Robinet launched a similar appeal last week.

The Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, did not rule out the possibility of a third confinement on Sunday.

– Vaccines: delivery delays in the EU –

Vaccine deliveries to eight European countries, including Spain, will be delayed by a few hours due to a logistical problem at the Pfizer plant in Belgium, Spain’s health ministry announces, as the vaccination campaign in the European Union started this weekend.

According to the Spanish minister, it was a problem “related to temperature control”, which is “apparently resolved”.

– The British variant detected in Korea –

Already discovered in many countries, the British variant of the coronavirus has been detected in South Korea. The three infected people, placed in isolation upon their arrival in the country on December 22 after having tested positive, belong to the same family living in London.

According to studies presented in the UK, the variant is more contagious than the original strain, but there is no evidence at this stage that it causes more severe forms of the disease.

– Brazil: the positive vice-president –

Brazilian Vice President Hamilton Mourao, 67, tests positive for the coronavirus. He was placed in solitary confinement, but no details were given about his state of health.

He thus joins the long list of Brazilian ministers infected in recent months. All recovered after suffering from mild symptoms. President Jair Bolsonaro, skeptical of the virus and very critical of the containment measures because of their economic impact, was infected in early July.

– More than 1.76 million dead –

The pandemic has killed more than 1.76 million people worldwide since the end of December, out of more than 80 million confirmed infections, according to a report established by AFP on Monday at 11:00 GMT.

The United States is the country with the most deaths (333,140) and cases (19.14 million) since the start of the pandemic, ahead of Brazil (191,139 deaths for 7.48 million cases) and India (147,901 deaths for 10.21 million cases).

But in proportion to their population (respectively 101, 90 and 11 dead per 100,000 inhabitants), these three countries are less bereaved than countries like Belgium (166), Italy (119), Peru (114), Spain (107) or the United Kingdom (104).