Distribution: why freelancers are increasingly outstripping integrated companies

INFOGRAPHIC – While according to rumors, denied so far, Leclerc could buy 60 hypers Géant Casino, Challenges takes stock of the evolution of market shares in mass distribution. A clear finding: in seven years, the independent Leclerc, Intermarché, Système U have largely outstripped the integrated Carrefour, Casino and Auchan.

Carrefour, like Auchan, and to a lesser extent, Casino is penalized by its exposure to large hypermarkets.

At a time when, according to rumors, denied until now, Leclerc could buy 60 hypers Géant Casino, Kantar published on October 22 revealing figures: the independents (Leclerc, Intermarché and Système U) have again gained a point of market share on integrated Carrefour, Casino and Auchan. However, “the market weighs 90 billion euros in annual sales, but hardly grows”, points out Frédéric Valette, director of the distribution department of Kantar Worldpanel. “One point of lost market share is 900 million in turnover that has shifted. For a distributor, market share is almost an asset. The smaller you are, the worse your purchasing conditions are. ” In this match, a foreigner pulls the chestnuts out of the fire: it’s Lidl, which continues to grow, and is now close to 6% market share.

Lesson # 1: Power

Listed on the stock exchange (Carrefour and Casino) or supported by the wealthy Mulliez family (Auchan), integrated companies suffer from their size. Their heaviness and their dividends penalize them in the speed race that is being played against Amazon. They also have many more large hypermarkets, a format in decline. Finally, “for ten years, they stormed many countries and invested less in France”, notes Frédéric.